Amazon Keyword Planner

Discover 10,000+ eCommerce Keywords with Search Volume

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The Amazon Keyword Planner uses Amazon's auto-complete APIs to generate thousands of product keywords in seconds, along with monthly search volume, Cost Per Click data.

Amazon Keyword Planner

How do I use the Amazon Keyword Planner?

Enter your product keywords in the search box above, and choose the country where you sell. Simply click the search button and in a few minutes the tool will find you thousands of profitable product keywords.

Will the Amazon Keyword Planner tool work for me?

Yes. The tool is used by Amazon FBA sellers as well as Amazon affiliates for better product research.

FBA Products

Find products from competitor research

Amazon Affiliates

Find trending products with great searcht traffic

Amazon Keyword Planner Tool

How does the Amazon Keyword Planner work?

The tool uses Amazon's auto-complete APIs. It uses the seed keywords you enter to call this API using combination of prefixes and suffixes. By doing this it is able to call the API many times and find you thousands of product keywords. It also gives you the monthly volume, Cost per click and Adwords competition data for all the keywords using Keywords Everywhere's public API.